Monday, June 27, 2011

An Eagle Has Landed!

An eagle has landed here at Applejack Lane just in time for July 4th decorating!  My friend Valerie from Snap Peas  brought  me a get-well gift today, and I just have to share him. Here he is- Baldwin, the Eagle! I love his rusty accents and his prominent beak. I am glad he arrived to celebrate the 4th with us!  Now, I need to find the perfect perch for him to rest-some place up high, I imagine.
Our friend  Brenda from The Rusty Thimble crafted him, and here is some good news to share.  Brenda has a has a new giveaway-a dear witch!  Check out her blog at The Rusty Thimble to sign up by July 14!
Happy July 4th!


TheRustyThimble said...

Hello Joan I did not know it was going to you, wow thank you for posting I am so glad you like him and thank you for signing up and sharing the witch giveaway

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