Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BME Lunch Bunch

On Thursday, January 14, seventeen retired Beverley Manor Elementary folks gathered at the Depot for a wonderful lunch and great fellowship.  It seems as though this "lunch bunch" has had a few gatherings in the past, but this particular luncheon was the first that I had attended.

Andrea  has been instrumental in getting this event organized.  We were to have met on December 21 with approximately 35 people making reservations to greet, meet and eat.  But as we know here in the Valley, Old Man Winter had other plans for us that day.  You can see Harry having a good laugh at the next table.

Here we have George-doesn't he look distinguished with his beard- and Lannette his wife.  I was married to George for a while.  At least that is what we told our students and had them reeling .  We used to have so much fun at BME!  We loved the kids, and we loved each other!  

Sue and Rick are having a real serious moment at the back table... 

Here, Bonnie and Andrea must be talking about some vacation destination.  And then my next picture...
my next picture...
my next picture...

Rats, the battery just died in my camera before I could get around and snap each person who was there!  But  Debbie, Agatha, Linda, Shirley, Linda Puff, Sandy, Bonnie, Andrea, Lannette, George, Cory, Mary Jane, Sue, Rick, Harry, Suzanne, and I want you to know that we had a wonderful time although it was much too short.  We are meeting again on March 8 at 11:30 A.M. at the Bistro.  We hope you will be able to join us!
If you have email addresses of any eligible "lunch bunchees" to whom I can send this link, please leave a comment.
Come back to Applejack Lane soon!


Anonymous said...

Joan, thanks so much for the pictures and report! You are just sooooo creative! I enjoyed the entire blog. I love everything that Mary Higgins Clark writes or has written - The Santa Cruise was cute!
Hope you are well -- two treatments to go for me -- then I hope to join the "Bunch"!
Take care!

Leann said...

Looks like a great group of friends. How wonderful that you can all get together.

Have a wonderful weekend!

dana said...

Nothing can beat getting together with a great group of friends and former co-workers. I know you must've had a ball catching up with them.

Again, thank you for your kind words.

Have a great weekend....are your V-Day cards and decor flying off the shelves? I hope so! Dana