Monday, January 12, 2015

Miss Meredith

Good morning from Applejack Lane.  The ice is glistening here, and schools are on a two hour delay.  That gives us time to wish Miss Meredith a very happy 12th birthday this morning.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ben Grott!

It's January  so that means the family marathon of birthdays begins!  We start of congratulatory wishes going to one of our younger members of the family-Ben Grott.  Ben turns 14 today.  So if you see him in the Richmond, VA area, please stop and wish him a HAPPY!  HAPPY!  HAPPY!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Four Youngsters That Made a Difference

Hello from Applejack Lane.  It's been a while since I have posted, but four young people inspired me to do some bragging about the next generation.  Ben and Meredith, brother and sister from Henrico, and Stu and Emma from Crozet , donated their times and talents to participate in two very important community causes over the weekend.
Ben and Meredith participated on two Relay for Life teams at Pocahontas Middle School Friday night.  Each raised $70 for a total of $140 going to the American Cancer Society. 
Ben and Meredith's grandmother recently fought a bout with cancer and won.  They dedicated a luminary in her honor at the relay.
On Saturday, Stuart and Emma supported the UVA Health System's research for pediatric peanut and other food allergies. . The event was called Kid's Craft for a Cause.  Stu provided some of his house drawings while Miss E made beaded bracelets.

Stu was part of the initial research group at UVA which now allows him to eat peanut products safely.  He and Emma raised $61 towards the UVA research fund.
We are so proud of these youngsters.  They are learning at an early age about caring and developing a community spirit.  We also commend their parents, John and Leslie and Tom and Beth,  who are teaching them to be selfless and giving individuals.

Ben, Meredith, Stuart, and Emma-we salute you! 

In loving memory of Jeanette Blair Waybright Clemmer -June 20, 1919-June 9, 1988

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Pinkeriffic Birthday!

Hello from Applejack Lane!  Last night we had an exciting time at Miss E's  birthday party.  Every thing and everyone was in pink, pink, pink to celebrate Miss E's 4th year!

Here is Miss E with her pinkeriffic entourage complete with crowns and wands...
All presents were wrapped in pink...
Pinkeriffic balloons...
Taking a break from opening pinkeriffic presents...
 A pinkeriffic flowered dress...
Another little pinkeriffic friend...
Pink lemonade and pizza...
A giant pinkeriffic birthday cupcake...

 A pinkeriffic wish come true...
Mom makes great pinkeriffic cupcakes of ALL sizes...

Proud grandparents with Bubby and Miss E...
Great Aunt Joan with her pinkeriffic princess and prince...
And one special pinkeriffic family...
Happy birthday Miss E!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Round Two of the Birthday Celebrations!

Good morning from Applejack Lane.  Today, we celebrate our second January birthday with Miss Meredith from Richmond as the birthday girl.
You may remember that brother Ben celebrated his 13th birthday just two days ago, and now sister Meredith joins in the partying at milestone eleven years.  
Happy birthday, Meredith!

Friday, January 10, 2014

And Let the January Birthdays Begin!

Birthday time, oh birthday time
This is the birthday time.
From late last night 
To early morn,
This is the day that you were born....BEN!

Have a super time on your 13th birthday!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Early Birthday Presents!

Hello from Applejack Lane!.  Next week is my birthday, but I have received a couple of early presents made by some talented friends. 

Connie made a new autumn wreath that we are enjoying on our kitchen entrance door.  The sunflowers are big and bright and make me smile when I get home...

My second early present was made by Gail and her husband Larry.  With a little help from another friend Ronda, they contacted the present owners of the farm where I grew up-Oak Grove Farm.

  Larry took part of one of the farm's fallen oak trees and made this...

Gail and Larry did not know that Dad called his property Oak Grove Farm when he signed the bowl, but he is going to add the words "Grove Farm" to the bottom.  

I have some fabulous friends, don't you agree?  Thank you!