Sunday, July 5, 2009

This Week at Applejack Lane

This has been a busy week at Applejack Lane. Last Friday, June 26, David's company nTELOS flew him to San Francisco for a seven day Cisco Convention. He enjoyed seeing new sites and participating in Cisco's 20th anniversary celebration which included concerts, carnival rides, and fabulous foods. He did have to attend classes, but he said on the whole they were very enjoyable. He learned a few new things, interacted with other businesses like his, and would definitely do this again if the company paid for it!

With Dave in San Francisco, Timmy and Burt came out to Applejack Lane for their vacation.

Murphy was banished for his sake to the outside.

It was quite a week carting the dogs to Dave's house during the day and back to Applejack Lane at nights. Plus, somebody got fleas! After numerous flea baths, the scratching subsided. Of course, Timmy had to wear a red bandanna handkerchief around his middle one night so that he would not dig himself to death. The pooches were a little traumatized with Dave not being around. But, Tim and Burt did have some nice walks on country roads to help expend some of their energy and enable them to sleep well. On Friday, off to Doggystyles they went to see their friend Ann who massaged and groomed them beautifully for Dave's homecoming.

With Timmy and Burt back home on Friday, Team Cathy arrived Friday afternoon to celebrate Cathy's birthday and visit for the 4th of July.
Murphy was able to come back into the house because he and Kahlo are friends. We had chicken and vegetable kabobs cooked on the grill along with pasta salad, and fresh corn on the cob. Kahlo decided to rescue the cobs that Guy threw over the fence and eat them later that evening-that's six whole cobs! You can see him here checking out a few extra chicken kabobs.

Instead of an ice cream cake this year, we resorted to more health conscious fare with a July 4th concoction of blueberries, strawberries, angel food cake, sugar free pudding, and light whipped cream.

Amy thought the Pepperidge Farm chocolate pirouettes weren't so bad either.

unwrapped a package or two...

and dazzled us with her fashion style.

Since the store was absolutely dead on Saturday, we decided to close and headed out to a new winery in the Fishersville area-Barren Ridge Vineyards.

This is a lovely facility which was transformed from an old apple packing shed by the present owners.

The covered balcony and patio area is set with tables and chairs overlooking the beautiful vineyard and countryside of Augusta County.

The patio is even equipped with an outdoor fireplace so that the winery could be used in the early spring to late autumn for a variety of activities and entertaining. There have even been wedding receptions here.

We tasted about seven of their wines. I recommend anyone visiting in the area to stop by for a free tasting. You can taste five more for a $5.00 charge, but we thought seven tastings were enough. I was getting a little woozy at this point anyway.

By Sunday, we were all pooped. Even Kahlo seems to have lost a lot of his zip. It was rainy and a little on the cool side which made for a lazy day.

By 11:00 A.M., Team Cathy was packed and ready to return to Richmond. I was whipped, too, after a week at work, caring for Timmy and Burt, preparing for company, and cooking over the weekend.

So, I decided to make myself a wine spritzer or two and just relax for the rest of the day here at Applejack Lane.
Come on back for another visit!

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