Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tom!

This week, we want to give a special birthday salute to our nephew-in-law (if there is such a term) to Tom. He is married to our niece Beth and lives in Crozet. Tom is a real special guy to our family. He enjoys golfing, gardening, and being Stuart's dad as you can see in these pictures.

He likes to hear Stuart read and helps Stuart ride his tricycle in the neighborhood. They work and play together in the yard of their new home where Tom has spent countless hours landscaping. Sometimes, Tom takes Stuart golfing at Old Trail. It's nice for Stuart to have a dad like Tom. Although he is a graduate of JMU, he is a big supporter of UVA sports especially football and basketball.

We are very lucky to have Tom as a part of our clan. So, in addition to wishing him a happy birthday on June 25, we also want to wish him a very happy Father's Day!

See you later, fellows!


Anonymous said...

What a nice blog! Thanks so much!
Best, Tom

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Tom!