Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Day With Ben and Meredith

And whose feet do you think these might be standing in the middle of the lawn at Applejack Lane?
Why, they belong to cousins Ben and Meredith who came to visit from Richmond on Saturday while their dad John and Guy went to play golf at the Waynesboro Country Club.

David brought Timmy and Burt out to have play time with Ben and Meredith.

We had a little light lunch out on the patio...

before we headed in to Gypsy Hill Park to find the trolley.

Here are Leslie, Meredith, Shirley, Ben, and Granddad Hal waiting on the park bench for the trolley to pick them up.
Here comes the Lady Rebecca.
After a 30 minute jaunt around the downtown area, we were off and did some of our own site seeing.

Timmy and Burt got an hour so of zzz's while the kids were off site seeing.

When we got home, we had a little country barbecue.

There were trees for Ben to climb...

and Meredith, who couldn't be outdone by Brother Ben, found her own to conquer.

Meredith and Burt pose for a parting shot.

Burt thinks Meredith is so funny and nice!

Ben tries to turn Burt into a bunny.

Who wants ice cream cake for dessert?

What a great way to end our visit with our Richmond cousins-Leslie, Shirley, Hal, John, Ben, and Meredith-with a summer family picture!

We hope they will return to Applejack Lane real soon!

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