Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Eggs-tra Special Collection

This is a very special collection that I have been working on for over fifteen years. At the turn of the century, milk gass blown eggs with hand painted decorations were a very popular gift to children and adults at Easter. My mother-in-law was the inspiration for me to work on this collection. She was a collector of everything, and this was her collection originally. She always put her blown milk glass eggs out in the Spring in the dough bowl. She gave her grandchildren two of her special eggs to add to their Easter baskets when they were preschoolers. When she passed away, I could not help but add to the collection, looking for examples that she did not already have. My new additions have been embossed ones with the word "Easter" raised and painted. Lately, my best source has been on Ebay. I am trying to find an egg that has a chick hatching from the top in great condition. That is the thrill of the hunt!

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