Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kahlo Comes to Visit

It's Kahlo's BIG DAY! He's spending his vacation with us this week on Applejack Lane while Cathy is on a work related trip. While he is here, he will go to the store and be a Hallmark greeter for a couple of days. He will get to go to Pet Smart if he is an extra good dog which I am very sure he will be. Of course, he was here only about two hours until he decided to roll in something that was quite unpleasant and had to have a bath. But he promised that he would not do that anymore while he is visiting. He will have a great time exploring in the yard, doing ballet jumps on walks, chasing tennis balls, and playing with his pal Velcro.

Kahlo brought along a hostess gift as any good dog should do. (He really has impeccable manners when he is not rolling in things that are unpleasant.) Take a look at the next photo to see what he gave us.

He knew I would like a set of pink flamingos since Cathy and I went to Tampa a few weeks ago. Thank you, Kahlo. (and you too, Cathy).

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