Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Saturday Excursion

Just north of Harrisonburg on Route 11 is Harper's Lawn Ornaments. This has been a gardener's wonderland for ornaments and garden statuary for over 40 years. Most of the goods are made on site. In recent years, Harper's has developed a very nice water garden and fountain business. If you have a few hours to relax and meander, take a day trip and enjoy the sites.

There are mirrored balls,

beautiful fountains, and water gardens. Can you see the pineapple on the top of this fountain? These things are more affordable than you think.

Today, I am looking for something special. Hum, I don't think I need a lion.

I can't use a dragon today, either. Maybe another trip.

This boot is not my size. I'm not sure about the color, either. I don't think Stacy or Clinton would say it follows the rules.

These shoes look like the ones my dad wore around the farm except he would not wear shoes with holes in them.

I love these classic urns, but man, are they heavy! You can find all sizes and shapes of containers

and pedestals. This is just a sampling, and I do mean a sampling! You can find wares that are painted in various tones or the unfinished white pieces.

A pineapple finial is a must for my next trip.

These dogs belong in my friend Valerie's yard.

If this were gray, it would look like Cathy's dog, Mr. Kahlo. In fact, I bet this piece is heavier than Kahlo.

What about a squirrel

or two

or three? I would consider nailing this on the oak tree outside the kitchen window. This is a cute feeder! Maybe, I'll add him to next trip's list.

If I had pebbles somewhere, I would definitely bring this to Applejack Lane.

If you need a pig for your yard, I know where you can find one!

This is such a sweet piece, but I don't have a wall for this little boy and dog on which to sit at Applejack Lane.

I usually pick up a rabbit, but I thought this one was a little weird. His pose reminded me of a dog wanting to play.

Oh, WOW! A pink flamingo! Now, this is a possibility! I just heard about a pink flamingo party earlier this morning. He could join the flamingos I got for Mother's Day! But, alas, I must remember my mission.

Hum, now we are getting somewhere.

This is a sweet piece. I wonder.......

Ah, ha! This is what I want today. An apple leaf birdbath to go on Applejack Lane! But, it is not going to be a birdbath. You will have to stay tuned it to see what I plan for this.

Goodbye, Mr. Lion. Another fun morning at Harper's Lawn Ornaments. Until next time!

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Cathy said...

Oh, I can't wait to see how your birdbath turns out!