Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Another Pink Saturday!

It's another Pink Saturday, and I thought I would introduce you to one of the UGLY DOLLS-the pink one of course-OX. He's the one on the right with one big yellow eye and an X for the other.
His description on his little green tag goes something like this: What kind of name is OX? No, not like the animal. OX, as in Hug and KISS! How can he hug you with such short arms? OX uses his ears! He's not a very good listener, but he puts his ears to good use in many other ways! OX is great at magic and his best trick is turning your stuff into his stuff. His best buddy WEDGEHEAD calls that stealing. But OX just wants to borrow things from you for a few hundred years. He promises to put everything back when he's done.

Maybe you have seen the UGLYDOLLS before. They are quite the rage now. I just thought I would share one with you to give you a smile on PINK SATURDAY.

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dana said...

Happy Early Pink Saturday!! :)

Well, I have not seen an UGLYDOLL before--they are certainly, um, "interesting"! If I were to buy one, I certainly would zero in on that PINK one! :) Have a great weekend! Dana