Sunday, May 24, 2009

Art in the Park

Saturday morning, I went to Art in the Park at Gypsy Hill. It is a yearly event to showcase local and not so local artists. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and many families enjoyed the amenities that the park had to offer.

I stopped by to examine cutting boards that were made from trees indigenous of this area. They had beautiful tree ring markings to add to their beauty.

This was an interesting vendor from Hot Springs. His friend in Utah made picture frames out of slate by water cutting. Some of the slate pieces had evidence of fossilized material within them.

Some beautiful stained glass art was also on display.

Several years ago, Cathy gave me a gourd birdhouse made by Susan Wolf of Toms Brook. I was happy to see her display here in Gypsy Hill. Doesn't this cat look like he just swallowed a canary?

I saw an old teacher friend here at this tent. Betty, second from the left, has been teaching an environmental class through Mary Baldwin College. This year's theme has been Lewis Creek, a mainstay of Staunton. Lewis Creek has its source less than half a mile from Applejack Lane.
Betty's students incorporated art and journaling in the ecological studies. The animal box sculptures which portrayed the animals of Lewis Creek were well done. The students who had their work on display were very talented.

Even the dogs enjoy Art in the Park.

It's time to leave. But I must make one more stop by the infamous Duck Pond. One of my favorite artists, Mary Ann Vessey, did a print of the Duck Pond several years ago. Every family in the vicinity has memories of taking their children there to feed the ducks, swans, and fish. Art in the Park is one of the simple pleasures of living in Staunton, Virginia.

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