Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's So Special About April 13th? Hmmm...

It's April 13. What's so special about today?  Hmmm....It could mean that it is only two days away from Brother Jim's birthday

Or it could mean that today is Shirley's birthday!  
Yay, Shirley's birthday!!!
Shirley moved to Richmond with several of her girlfriends immediately after graduating from Madison College.  It is a special treat to get to visit with her.  She is always smiling and enjoys a good laugh. She has so many family memories to share about our grandparents and her mother and father. The very first time I went to Richmond was to visit her.  (I think I went out on a date with her and her then boyfriend Hal). In 1961, she married Hal which made the family very happy . She is the mother of Leslie and a very busy grandmother helping to care for Ben and Meredith after school. 

Here she is with her wonderful family...
So if you happens to be in the Maidens area today, please wish our Cousin Shirley a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday!
P.S.  Stay tuned , Hal.  We'll get you in a couple of weeks!

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Pen Pen said...

Happy Birthday Cousin Shirley! What a sweet post!