Thursday, March 26, 2009

Timmy and Burt's Big Day

Tomorrow is Friday, and it's Timmy and Burt's Big Day!. They are going to love what Nanny Joan has in store for them. They are going to see Ann at Doggie Styles for a day at the spa. Actually, they hate it. Oh, they love Ann, but hate getting beautified. They look pretty mild in this picture, but right now, both dogs are a disaster. It has been a while since they have been professionally groomed. Both dogs look three times their actual size. When they get to Ann's they will be two angry little dogs-barking at every thing they see and hear all day long. Actually, Ann says they stop barking as soon as I leave the premises, but I think she tells me that just to be nice. When Ann finishes with them, they will look " all sweetness and light. " They will smell fabulous, have a new little prance about them, and look like they have been on a major diet. Best of all, our son Dave will have a weekend off by not having to give them a Saturday night bath.


dana said...

Hi Joan! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Your doggies are darling---bet they look even cuter after their visit to Ann's.

I LOVE your egg wreath and those AWESOME stone rabbits!! :) I have one of the relatives of your first rabbit--I named mine Curly! Clever, I know! :)

Hope you're having a great weekend--oh, I also enjoyed your Bucket List! Dana

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Ohmygoodness...your dogs are sooooo adorable! My shelties were a bit afraid of going to the groomer but after they got all fluffed up they thought they were pretty cute! Have a great day and come visit!