Saturday, March 21, 2009

Joan's Bucket List

I am going on a trip to Tampa, Florida with Cathy next month. It has been a very long time since I have been on an adventure. Being with Cathy is always an adventure. She lives actively; I live vicariously. She is spontaneous; I sit back and watch the world go by. So, she is about to get me active and hopefully a little spontaneous on our trip. My assignment from her is to research some things that I would like to do while we are together. She has planned a visit to the Everglades to kick off our trip. The last time we were together, she took me to a Korean restaurant which I would have never visited on my own.
I started thinking about things that I would put on A BUCKET LIST. Actually, making such a list is a bit of a chore for me because I am not that adventurous. This must be part of my German genes although I really can't put the blame on my German ancestors either. My German forefathers on both sides of the family took a leap of faith in the mid 1700's and left their German homes to come to America. That's another story.
Let's get back to the bucket list. What would I put on it. I'm thinking hard and here is my beginning.
1. Visit Montreal, Canada.
2. Go to Scotland.
3. Plant a raised bed garden.
4. Get a massage. (I told you I am not that adventurous)
5. Have brunch at the Jefferson Hotel.
6. Take a flower arranging class.
7. Go to the horse races.
That's it for now. I told you I'm having a hard time.

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