Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday Bash at the Brewery

Saturday was Mr. Applejack Lane's birthday.  Since Saturday is his normal day to golf, we chose to take him on a birthday excursion as soon as he came home as he is usually starved from being out all day.  And as in the past, we do not tell him where his birthday destination will be.  It is just get in the car and go.

This year's dinner site was the Blue Mountain Brewery or BMB as the locals call it. Blue Mountain Brewery is in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, located in neighboring Nelson County near the crossroads of the Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive.   The brewery site also happens to be in the midst of Virginia’s finest wine region, known as “The Monticello Wine Trail”, between several of Virginia’s premier destination vineyards. It takes us about 30 minutes of driving time and we arrived late afternoon on this beautiful sun lit day in January .
The parking lots were packed.  People were milling around the grounds, sitting on the patios, enjoying what was left of the sunny afternoon.  I wished we could have come earlier to have an outdoor respite ourselves.
Inside, the place was really hopping.  My son tells me Saturday and Sunday are like this all the time.  But he is a regular patron there so we had no difficulty getting a table. It sort of reminded me of Cheers where everybody knows your name.  At least the staff knew his name. 
Most breweries have a sampler and this is BMB's tasting.  My son recommends The Full Nelson, named in honor of the county. 
Here's the birthday boy...
We all ordered something different. but here is the Chicken Parmesan pizza after a few guest tore into it.  I should have gotten a picture before it was dissected.  The presentation was beautiful.  Pizza is a specialty at the BMB.  Just about every table around us had at least one along with other entrees.  We enjoyed various burgers, Cuban sandwiches, and salads with all dressings made in house.  The chipolata ranch was excellent.

The restaurant has co-oped with local farmers to supply the hops and other ingredients for the beers as well as provide what is seasonally feasible for the food that is served.  One local establishment supplies the breads used for sandwiches.  This is a great boon for the economy of Nelson county.

The ladies in the party can't wait to go back and enjoy that terraced patio on a warm spring day. Blue Mountain Brewery is a place for friends, family, and those of us who enjoy the natural beauty of the Virginia countryside.
  Happy Birthday, Mr. Applejack!

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Paula@SweetPea said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Applejack Lane!

I haven't been to BMB since they expanded. Just today my friend who is quite a beer drinker said that his favorite BMB beer is the Full Nelson. The food in your pictures looks great!

Mama, my friend, and I ate lunch at Wild Wolf on Saturday. My friend had a beer and liked it. All of our meals were good and I'd definitely go back.

Have a good week!