Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let's Celebrate Cathy!

It's getting close to the 4th of July, and that can only mean one thing-it's time for Cathy's birthday! Cathy was born on on July 2 which also happened to be the birthday of Baba, her grandmother. Hopefully, she and Kahlo will be able to drive in from Richmond to celebrate the festivities with us during the long weekend.
Cathy has lived in Richmond for the past four years and shares a row house with her college friend Amy. She works for the United States Geological Survey and is on the road much of the week traveling to various sites over the state to monitor water quality. She has goals of attending graduate school very soon to further her career. When she is not working, she enjoys running. Last November she completed the Richmond Half Marathon with plans this year of entering the Richmond Marathon. She has started training for this event with runs of 8 to 10 miles. She has a dog-Mr. Kahlo-who is a wonderful companion for her. She has trained him well. He is a welcome visitor to Applejack Lane anytime.

Cathy enjoys adventure. When she gets the opportunity she loves to visit new places. She has traveled west to Utah and Colorado, Minnesota, Washington, and south to Florida plus many more states. One of her favorite trips was to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. When she travels, Kahlo gets to have a vacation here. She likes to visit NOVA to have the opportunity to visit museums and attend cultural events with her friends. Cathy recently started a supper club with some of her friends in Richmond who enjoy eating new and different cuisines or entertaining at one an other's homes about once a month. She is thinking about inviting her friends here to enjoy Autumn in the Valley during October. She says that in order to live life to the fullest, one must experience all that one can.

So here's to Cathy on her birthday on July 2. We hope to see her very soon, and she is ready to attack a new birthday cake!

Happy Birthday!!!


Amy said...

Hey you guys! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, to celebrate Cathy's birthday! Love the Blog! It's really fun and it keeps me up on what you all are up too! Take care and see you soon.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Cathy! We hope you have fun!
Love, Tom, Beth and Stuart