Sunday, June 7, 2009

Golf, Golf, and More Golf

This weekend was a marathon golf weekend at the Waynesboro Country Club with the Member-Member Tournament. The best part about the weekend for me was that I did not have to cook Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because the spouses were included in some very nice social events at the club all three evenings. We even met some very nice young people who have a new restaurant in Charlottesville that we must patronize very soon.

Buddy and Kenny won the overall gross in the tournament. That means they get a lot of money to spend at the club's pro shop.

Buzz won something-I'm not sure what. He can send me a note to clarify his winning. But, I heard rumors that there is a part for him in Buddy's new plumbing commercial. It will be an advertisement on how not to install a commode. Kenny is all excited that he might get a bit part in the upcoming ad.

Guy and Bryan won the second flight second gross. According to Guy, Bryan did not help at all. He was too busy scrutinizing the cart girls. He was AWOL during the social events. On another note, Billy Ray at BR549 won the closest to the pin at No. 14 on Sunday. Billy Ray was also AWOL for the social events which was a shame. Billy Ray is usually very social.

Here are the happy golfers-Buddy, Buzz, Kenny, and Guy-before leaving for the evening. Uh, oh. Buzz stole Buddy's trophy. You've got to watch that Buzz.

Guy gives the thumbs up that everything is right again. For these fellows, another round of golf begins on Wednesday. Do any of them ever work?

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