Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Back!

I am back at Applejack Lane after a little four day excursion to Tampa, Florida.This was my first trip to Florida so we explored as much of the outdoor environment as possible in those short days.

Beautiful foliage, plants, and flowers abounded everywhere...
I felt like DeSoto and Ponce deLeon setting foot into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time.
These oak trees sure look different than the ones in Virginia. They have shallow roots and limbs can grow to touch the earth.  Love the Spanish Moss...
We visited the Everglades. What's a trip to Florida without an alligator
or two...
Cathy took a kayak trip.
This was such a lovely door handle to one of the shops in Ybor City. Everyone should have one!
Love the pink buildings of Tampa and St. Peterburg. ..
This is one of the beautiful sunsets from our accommodations at Little Harbor Inn...
This was a trip I enjoyed two times-once in going and once returning home to Applejack Lane.

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