Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from the Applejack Bunnies!

Some of our bunny friends on Applejack Lane wanted to wish you a Happy Easter. Here is the rug in my living room at the front door. They look like they have been eating cabbages from Mr. MacGregor's garden.
This bunny decided to rest on the sofa.
I found this special bunny at Fenton Glass in West Virginia. It has the same signature as my son's name.
This bunny guards a Victorian egg collection.

My friend Gail made this special walnut bunny that can change accessories for any season.

This is a bunny from my cookie cutter collection.

On the mantle, I have a wooden egg from my daughter and an antique German iron rabbit from an uncle.

This bunny knows his ABC's.

This bunny came home with me from one of my favorite stores, Back in Thyme, and made by a favorite local artist, Tonia Black.

This was my first find from Back in Thyme by the same artist.

You guessed it-same artist- Back in Thyme!

This Jim Shore bunny is my latest aquisition. I hope he enjoys his springtime on Applejack Lane.


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